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February 21, 2006

Blood Tests and Insulin Injections, Other

Question from Cleveland, Ohio, USA:

My 15 year old son has used an Inject-Ease since he was diagnosed with type 1 eight years ago. We haven't experienced any problems with it. However, his new endocrinologist feels that injections administered with an Inject-Ease may not go into the tissue as well and is encouraging him to stop using it, preferring that he use a Humalog pen to cover his meals and a syringe without the Inject-Ease for his Lantus. He uses a pen at school and is also able to inject himself with just a plain syringe. She feels he'll get better numbers that way. Any thoughts on her contention that the Inject-Ease is less effective? I've never heard this before.


We don’t have many people who use the Inject Ease, but it is just a spring loaded device and should not cause any problems at all, as long as used correctly, slight pressure against the skin and at a proper angle straight into the skin. I would imagine the same problems would occur with a pen needle as with the Inject Ease, but proper technique with both should make both work well.