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December 5, 1999

Meal Planning, Food and Diet

Question from Rochester, Minnesota, USA:

On making Maple-Flavored syrup, what is the shelf life span that you can keep it stored? It would save money for some of us that have a hard time purchasing diabetic food and supplies, especially I am a single mother with two children. The oldest 14 was recently diagnosed almost two years ago and it has been hard to get things for him all the time. Is there anything else out there that can help me in my situation?


From: DTeam Staff

Rather than spend money and time buying “special” food for your children, I would suggest you make it easy on yourself and find a diabetes educator who can teach you and your son carbohydrate counting while matching the short-acting insulin (Humalog). This will enable him to live life more like his friends without losing control of his diabetes and spending unnecessary money. We have new knowledge and tools to make it easier to live with diabetes. I hope you have access to an educator who can teach you both how to use them. If you do not, you can contact the American Association of Diabetes Educator 1-800-TEAM�UP�4 for one close to you.

Additional comments from Dr. O’Brien:

I talked to one of our nutritionists who said that artificially flavoured Maple Syrup would have an indefinite shelf life if it was unopened and essentially indefinite if opened and refrigerated. The way to be sure would be to call the Extension Service of your nearest State University and they would almost certainly have an exact answer.