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August 21, 2001


Question from Singapore:

There will be a camp for children with diabetes. Can you give me ideas for some activities geared towards fostering self esteem in children with diabetes?


I know you are looking forward to having a camp for kids with diabetes. Here are a few ideas I have tried at other camps.

Fingerpainting — Having a huge piece of paper that several children can fingerpaint on together. Art allows us to express emotions in amazing ways.
Drawing — I have children “draw a picture of your diabetes” and have conversations about each picture.
Clay — Have the children form different aspects of themselves and name them. For example, “Gilda Guarded Heart” or “Inez Inadequate”. This generates both conversation and laughter.
“The best thing about me is” game — Kids share their strength.
The Gremlin game — Each child has to tame their own gremlin, the one that makes them feel less than okay.

Mostly kids with diabetes are just kids. Self esteem comes from being respected and acknowledged by themselves for who they are essentially.