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October 5, 1999

Diagnosis and Symptoms

Question from Riverside, California, USA:

Today my son saw the doctor for thrush and to treat some of his allergies. He is three years old. The doctor said that most kids this age with thrush are developing diabetes. He said watch to make sure he is not drinking a lot and peeing a lot. My question what is a lot? My son has always been a big drinker and he pees on average 5-9 time a day.


Your doctor may be referring to Autoimmune Polyglandular Syndrome Type I, the most common form of the immunoendocrinopathy syndromes which is generally first recognised in early childhood, and where chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis (a specific yeast infection) is often first seen with accompanying various endocrine deficiencies. Type 1 diabetes has been reported to occur in no more than 4% of these patients. What findings, besides the thrush, is the doctor’s statement based upon? You’ll have to ask for more clarification.

To address your last question regarding amount of urination, it is the total daily volume of the urine which counts and it generally should not exceed on average 1.5-2 liters a day.