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November 26, 2000

Diagnosis and Symptoms, Genetics and Heredity

Question from Lawndale, California, USA:

Twelve years ago, my 31 year old husband was diagnosed with type 1 following an accident that crushed is pancreas. We’re planning to start a family, but he is worried he could pass this down. Is it possible, since it does not run in his family, that his diabetes was caused by the accident?


From: DTeam Staff

If the diabetes was caused by pancreas trauma, then this would be a random event and not obviously having any genetic tendency. If the diabetes showed up near the time of the accident, then this may merely be a coincidence of two events unrelated or a nonspecific stress phenomenon. You should have your husband discuss this very specifically with his diabetes team to see if there were ever any pancreas autoantibodies tested. They can provide the most current information regarding the risk of diabetes in any children he might sire.