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May 24, 2001


Question from North Gosford, New South Wales, Australia:

We are planning to travel to Indonesia soon, and my 11 year old son was old is recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I am quite concerned about gastric illnesses. Do you have any advice for us about travel in a less developed country?


Without knowing more about where you are going in Indonesia and for how long, I am not sure how much help we can be. I am assuming though that North Gosford is just north of Sydney so that directly or through your son’s doctor, you have had access to plenty of expert advice on Indonesia and have been able to make a back up medical contact there and have been reminded about duplicating insulin and testing supplies.

You are quite right in your concern for enteric infections which might precipitate DKA [diabetic ketoacidosis] and you should talk to the doctor about typhoid, cholera, and hepatitis immunisations and should plan to take some appropriate supplies like an antibiotic and an antidiarrhea medication with you.


[Editor’s comment: Also, see Traveling with Diabetes.