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March 3, 2003

Insulin Pumps

Question from Oak Ridge, North Carolina, USA:

We will be starting a pump for our active nine year old son soon and want to know what model would be best. Does anyone have any experience with Cozmo, by Deltec? We would like some honest feedback from people who use pumps with kids.


Personally, I’m very pleased with the Cozmo. I have seven patients now using it and have had excellent success. It has some advantages to benefit pediatric patients not available with other pumps including bolus reminders, dosing based on carbohydrates and blood sugars — so less math for a child or teen to do in their head. Its ability to computer interface is also an advantage compared to other pumps currently available.

Additional comments from Dr. Jim Lane:

I have patients on the Cozmo pump. It seems to be performing well. It has additional bells and whistles that allow for calculation of doses, whether patients are counting carbs or not.

Additional comments from Dr. David Schwartz:

I started my first Cozmo patient two weeks ago, and I’m starting my next Cozmo this week. No real feedback from patients. I admit my patients overnight for the first night, and the nurses on the wards find it an easy insulin pump to use.

The patients who are choosing Cozmo seem to be attracted to the feature that allows bolus dosing based on either “carbs”, grams, or units, but I do not know if that is really a feature that makes the pump superior.

Additional comments from Dr. Donough O’Brien:

For the time being the most popular pump at this center is the Animas, but we only have a few people so far on the Cozmo which has also been satisfactory, and the pediatric nurses think the alarm is better.

Additional comments from Lois Schmidt Finney, diabetes dietitian:

Yes, it seems to be pretty great, although the training of patients is pretty intense since there are quite a few buttons to get used to. It does have a 300 ml reservoir and has basal rates that go to.05. Plus lots of reminders that you can set to remind you to bolus for a meal, plus you get to name it, which is pretty important for kids.


[Editor’s comment: Be sure to read the information about insulin pumps at this web site.