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August 17, 2004

Meal Planning, Food and Diet, Other

Question from Arizona, USA:

I have researched and found several articles on how important it is for a diabetic, type 1 or 2, to have omega 3. I have read the side effects presented in studies with the fish oil omega 3 supplements and wonder what your opinion is on this? I recently switched to omega 3 eggs. I also read that to balance the fats, proteins, etc, when eating chicken, you need the fish oil as well in an equal amount. I was a little confused and thought you may know more on this.


From: DTeam Staff

The research about such nutriceuticals is sparse, short term and certainly almost never done on children. So, the key concept in Latin is “Caveat Emptor, ” let the buyer beware. All these products may prove to be useful, but are hard to recommend since side effects profiles, recommended doses and even consistency of preparations is all iffy. None are regulated by the FDA in the USA since there is a loop-hole in U.S. drug laws that allows such products to be classified as food and not as medications – and thus not subject to any of the usual regulations. Mostly, you can get anecdotal support but not much else. Once you get to adults, there is some information about antioxidants (some of the minerals and vitamins) and low dose aspirin that look very promising.