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January 22, 2011

Diagnosis and Symptoms

Question from Beebe, Arkansas, USA:

My seven-year-old son is being treated right now for reflux in his kidney. After a visit for a suspected infection showed no bacteria, yet lots of ketones and protein, I checked my son's blood sugar with my friend's glucometer when we got home. It was 305 mg/dl [16.9 mmol/L]. This scared me so I called the doctor who had him come in for an A1c. His A1c was 5.3 but the blood sugar was 165 mg/dl [9./2 mmol/L]. I am concerned that he may have diabetes. His doctor is not concerned. My son's blood sugar gets elevated after he eats. Two hours after a sandwich, it was 145 mg/dl [8.0 mmol/L]. Should I get a new doctor? My grandmother has diabetes and I had gestational diabetes.


The blood glucose readings that you present are definitely abnormal. If he has intermittent abnormalities like this, then he is at some risk of developing full fledged diabetes in the near future. It would be prudent for you to consult with a pediatric diabetes specialist who can then advise you about appropriate meal planning and blood glucose monitoring. Also, you can discuss this with your kidney specialist and general pediatrician and ask them to check for pancreatic antibodies. Please review with both your pediatrician and your nephrologist for an appropriate referral. If there were unexplained weight loss, change in urination, excess night time urination or enuresis, excess thirst or anything else unusual, you should please contact them immediately.


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