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March 5, 2005

Gestational Diabetes, Meal Planning, Food and Diet

Question from Poulsbo, Washington, USA:

I’m 27 weeks pregnant and just did a glucose tolerance test which came back at 169 mg/dl [9.4 mmol/L]. I am now scheduled for a three hour Glucose Tolerance Test. I was given a 150 mg+ “diet” to follow days before the procedure. It seems to me that I might have better results if I ate a lower glycemic “diet” in the week leading up to the test. I’ve been trying to find info about WHY the “normal” 150m g+ carbohydrate diet is recommended before the test, but have not been able to find an explanation. It seems like this protocol will just set me up to fail!


From: DTeam Staff

My understanding is that by carbohydrate loading, your body will adjust somewhat to glucose intake. Thus, when you take the glucose test itself your body has already primed its insulin response to a sudden sugar load. If anything, you will improve your chances of a normal test result.