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July 2, 2009

Hypoglycemia, Type 2

Question from Washington, DC, USA:

Why is my blood sugar still high and my weight loss continuing after just starting 25 units of NovoLog three times a day and oral medications?


The weight loss may continue until you get your blood sugars under control. The glucose that is spilled into the urine represents calories that are normally used by the body. The relatively large doses of NovoLog you are using at meals tells me you are also insulin resistant. The problem with type 2 diabetes is that your body does not respond to the insulin in the same manner someone without diabetes would. You do not get the same “bang for your buck.” The insulin doses are being increased to overcome that resistance. I would suggest you also need to make sure you exercise and follow a nutrition plan, in accordance with your doctors instructions. Exercise is a way of making those muscles more responsive to the insulin. Finally, avoiding a lot of extra carbohydrates allows the insulin to work more efficiently. I would ask you to remain patient. You will eventually get to your target blood sugars.