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Gianna’s diagnosis was a total surprise although the signs (rapid weight loss, constant drinking and the metallic smelling breath) were there. After an emergency visit to our family doctor, it was confirmed that Gianna had diabetes. However; we were not prepared for the news from the endocrinologist. Gianna was in DKA and was rushed to Children’s National Medical Center in Washington DC. Gianna spent the next 24 hours in the PICU having her fingers pricked every hour. The next two days were filled with how to classes, what to expect classes and dietary/nutrition classes.

We tried to have Gianna lead a normal life but it was a new normal with many adjustments. Gianna adapted very well and constantly learned about life with diabetes. She researched all the new technology and each Endo appointment was a learning experience.

Gianna is now a dean’s list sophomore in college. She also plays on the D1 rugby team and is a member of the USA U20 national team. College life presented more challenges but she has handled them all very well.

Gianna is thriving and is not letting diabetes dictate her life.

Thriving with T1D
since 2014

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