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Kate Lecker

I was diagnosed in the 1980s, far before the technology we now have. I worked hard to control my diabetes with the tools I had and dedicated my career to helping those living with chronic diseases for the past 16 years diabetes.

Six months ago, I developed level 3 cell mediated insulin hypersensitivity which means I am allergic to all insulins. After spending seven weeks at Johns Hopkins attempting desensitizations and biopsies, they found a combinations of immunosuppressants that allowed me to tolerate 10-20 small injections a day.

I’m currently applying to all islet cell studies and meeting with doctors to discuss transplants as it’s become obvious that taking this many injections, poor control and immunosuppressant side effects isn’t feasible long term.

Despite the challenges of my condition, I remain hopeful that I will find a long term solution. I also continue to share my story through magazine articles and post casts to raise awareness of my condition.


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