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June 30, 2022

Diagnosis and Symptoms, Honeymoon

Question from United States:

My son has had type 1 diabetes for 1.5 years. He went through a honeymoon period about a year ago. For some strange reason he seems to be producing insulin and has not needed injections for the last two days – he’s only taking around 2 to 3 units, almost like a second honeymoon. We have even double checked his levels with finger pricks and taken off his Omnipod. Yet, his levels are flatline around 70 to 90 mg/dl (3.9 to 4.4 mmol/L). Can you help explain why?


From: Rayhan Lal, MD, MPH, PhD

When he was diagnosed, were autoantibodies checked? Typically, checking autoantibodies can help determine what diabetes someone has, but they are not always checked. It is worth getting a C-peptide to see how much insulin his body is still making. (See What is C-Peptide?) Also, post-meal is when you see the first signs of impaired glucose tolerance. You could try an at-home 75 gram glucose tolerance test with sprite or similar to see how high the glucose goes after 2 hours. Be sure you consult your child’s endocrinologist about his current numbers and those you find when you do the at-home glucose tolerance test.