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March 13, 2001

Daily Care

Question from :

I have been very active with basketball at school, but now that the season has ended, my blood sugar has been around 200 to 250 mg/dl [11.1 to 13.8 mmol/L] even though I am on an insulin pump. Normally, my blood is around 120 mg/dl [6.7 mmol/L]. Is there any exercise I can do inside on rainy days?


There are lots of things that you can do inside for exercise. Use of home exercise equipment is one option — treadmills, bicycles, elliptical trainers, rowing machines, ski machines — the list is endless! If you’re a fan of exercise videos — aerobics, kickboxing, Tae-Bo, tai-chi, yoga, there are lots of options there as well! Maybe there is a YMCA or fitness facility near you that you might consider joining. Convince a friend or family member to exercise with you. Exercise should be fun! Give some thought to what works best for you and then “just do it”!

Of course, the benefits of exercise are many, but your blood sugars can be well controlled whether you exercise or not. Talk to a member of your diabetes care team about adjusting your pump basal rates to better match your current insulin needs. Wearing an insulin pump allows you the flexibility and control to do just that, with the touch of a button. You may need to do some extra blood glucose monitoring to assist your diabetes team in this process, but your diligence will pay off.