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I’m trying to find the words to sum up last week. I keep coming back to “exhale.”

To be surrounded by family that eat, sleep (or don’t sleep), and breathe the literal highs and lows is a powerful thing – for all of us. Even though we are surrounded by a great support system, this is an isolating disease. There is never a time it’s not in our head. For the first time in almost three years, E got to spend a full week with people who get her. Who know the physical and emotional toll that they are under. And they got to celebrate! To celebrate their resilience, their hope, and their solidarity. They wore their bracelets and their devices as the badges of honor they should be.

She felt seen. I saw it and felt it. There is strength in numbers. I’ve never ever seen a more grace-filled community than this one. From the kids to the parents, to the vendors, to the clinicians – there were equal parts grit and grace. It’s not the road we would have ever chosen, but I am beyond grateful for the brave souls we are walking it with.

Cutting those bracelets off was harder than I anticipated. Thank you, Children with Diabetes, for the community, the encouragement, the hope, and the exhale. We’ll see you next year!!

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