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The DOC Saved My Life

Life with diabetes has not been easy, with crazy lows, scary highs, and some tough decisions all make up for some trying times. Nothing was more difficult for me though than when I lost my insurance. I had just started a new insulin pump and then was told that I would not be covered anymore and wasn’t given any other assistance than to try my local hospital when I needed insulin.

I didn’t know what to do. As an immigrant I wasn’t allowed to get insurance through conventional means and my parents didn’t have any. I was at a loss. That’s when the Diabetes Online Community (DOC) stepped in and literally saved my life. I was sent insulin, needles, and pump supplies that kept me going for at least two years, all from strangers that didn’t know me — they just knew that I was someone in need and they shared what they could with me. I will never forget the generosity that was shown to me. I try my best to assist anyone I can in the DOC when needed to attempt to repay back a portion of what was done for me!


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