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Brody, Lucie and the Food Fairy

Claudia Lemay, RD

Lucie and Stargold are back and they are going to Growland again! This time, they are bringing Brody, Lucie’s best friend, who has diabetes. One day, Lucie finds her best friend Brody sitting all alone on the curb, looking rather unwell. She takes him to see the school nurse. When the nurse helps Brody deal with his high blood sugars, Lucie learns that he has type 1 diabetes. While she is surprised that her best friend kept such a secret from her, Lucie also tries to understand what diabetes is… but the whole thing is so confusing that yes, you guessed it, Stargold the Food Fairy appears to whisk them away to her magic land. In Growland, the fairy will help both children to make sense of it all. Lucie and Brody will learn that Brody’s body works differently. They will also learn how Type I Diabetes is managed and how to cope with periods of hypoglycaemia, hyperglycaemia as well as negative feelings towards having to deal with such an illness. Read Lucie, Brody, and the Food Fairy to find out why Brody has kept his diabetes secret from his best friend until now.

Looking for a fun and informative way to help your child or their friends understand type 1 diabetes? Registered dietitian Claudia Lemay has created a series of books to help teach children about diabetes and healthy eating. In Brody, Lucie and the Food Fairy, readers follow Lucie and Brody on an adventure to understand how type 1 diabetes affects Brody’s body. 

Stargold the food fairy and Lucie help Brody overcome his fears about being different and even help him realize that having diabetes is part of what makes him special. The book also shows how it takes a team to manage diabetes, including Brody’s parents and the school nurse. And if you have picky eaters, Stargold the Food Fairy teaches Lucie all about the importance of eating a diet rich in nutrients, protein, and whole grains to help her brain and body grow.

 For copies of these books in French, be sure to visit Stargold’s Nutrition Foundation.

39 pages, softcover, $9.99 list, ISBN 0994934149.2016

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