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Diagnosed at Age Two in 1958

I was but two years old when I was diagnosed, in very different times. My identical twin brother is not a diabetic of any sort.

At such an age it was not something to embrace and with very little to help it could be a fearful life. It was expected that I would both have a shortened life and be troubled by the dreaded complications that were being presented as diabetics now lived longer.

We did not have the luxury of sugar-free produce back then – “diet” orange juice was just water.

We tested our levels by performing urine tests, which was a problem all by itself.

Checking the carbohydrate value of any foods was also not available or extremely limited for many years to come.

Thanks to my parents I have lived a very near normal life and even after suffering a horrific automobile accident (being physically hit, head-on, by a car traveling at over 80 mph is horrific in my books). Thankfully I am still here.

I am quite proud of being totally complication free and I just want to help as many of my fellows as much as I possibly can.


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